The World Association of Speech Therapists (WASLP) is the organization that brings together professional speech therapists in an international, global space and develops or helps to promote the science of speech therapy en all its aspects.

The AML ´s aim in general is the investigation and generation of knowledge in the field of speech therapy and the passing on of same.

To this end, training and innovation are an essential part of the organization, bearing in mind the global environment and the type of society in which we live, a society based on knowledge and the digital era.

For AML communication and language, as the conditio sine qua non of human existence, are the most basic aspects and of vital importance for human beings, second only to their survival.

When these vital elements are compromised in any area or to any degree, they need to be studied in depth so that an effective intervention can be undertaken to ensure that the person receives the required attention in order to achieve the greatest development . This is a fundamental human right.

These vital, irrefutable premises give meaning and relevance to our profession and to the World Association of Speech Therapists.

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